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A big guide on how to help Ukrainians in Austria. Donations, accommodation, volunteering

Since the beginning of the war, Austria has taken in more than 117,000 refugees. A large number of Ukrainians continue to arrive every day. There are charitable foundations, humanitarian aid collection points, and websites where people affected can get support all over the country.

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A big guide on how to help Ukrainians in Austria. Donations, accommodation, volunteering

Since the beginning of the war, Austria has taken in more than 117,000 refugees. A large number of Ukrainians continue to arrive every day. There are charitable foundations, humanitarian aid collection points, and websites where people affected can get support all over the country.

How to stand with Ukraine presents a series of materials on how to help those affected by the war in Ukraine: where to send money, bring clothes and food, how to help refugees find temporary or permanent accommodation, and more. In this article we have compiled a list of useful links for those who want to help Ukrainians in Austria. 

Help us expand the list: leave links in the comments or send an email to [email protected]

Make a financial contribution

First, you can make financial contributions to foundations, non-governmental organizations, or nonprofit organizations. Here is a list of some of them: 

Samariterbund — here you can choose a comfortable amount, which will be spent on humanitarian aid collection and the purchase of medicines. 

Caritas accepts all kinds of help, including financial; transfers can be made in one click. The funds will be used to provide emergency aid to people affected by the war and those who are now in Ukraine. This includes food, hygiene products, and medicines. You can also find information on how to become a Caritas volunteer on the website. 

Donate to a Viennese charity organization (Wiener Hilfswerk). The funds are raised to help those who have fled the war, especially women and children, to find accommodation, buy sleeping bags, blankets, food, hygiene products. The organization has branches in several Austrian cities, and the coordinator’s contact phone number and email address are available on the website. 

Bank transfer to the Ukrainian Church of St. Barbara in Vienna. The funds will be used for humanitarian aid.

IBAN: AT06 6000 0000 0731 1709

Beneficiary: Griech.-kath.Zentralpfarramt

Purpose: Donation for humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Bank transfer to the Ukrainian Youth Association in Austria. The money will be used to buy Celox, a medicine that stops bleeding. 

IBAN: AT19 2011 1823 5370 5400

Beneficiary: Gesellschaft ukrainischer Jugend in Österreich

Purpose: Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

You can bring cash to Postgasse 8a, 1010 Wien. The funds will be used to buy necessary aid (food, hygiene products, sleeping bags, blankets, etc.). 

Become a volunteer

Volunteer work is needed at places where humanitarian aid is collected; mostly it’s the packaging of essential goods. You can also help with interpretation and translation. If you are a physician or a lawyer, you can offer your professional help to refugees as well. 

To become a volunteer fill out an application form here or form for the Church of St. Barbara in Vienna in German and Ukrainian. 

Addresses of some volunteer centres in Vienna: 

Ukraine Arrival Center (Ankunftszentrum Ukraine, Engerthstraße 267/269) is the main reception centre for Ukrainian refugees, open twenty-four hours a day. Here all the necessary assistance is provided, and sleeping places are arranged for those who arrive at night. You can offer your help as a volunteer on site. 

Austria Center Vienna, Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1. Here they give legal advice and counseling, and help people find a place to live. You can offer your help as a volunteer. 

Central Station (Hauptbanhof), Am Hbf 1. It accepts refugees 24 hours a day and you can also come here and help on site. The station has about 50 beds for refugees arriving in Vienna by train or staying overnight in the city. Volunteers can offer accommodation to Ukrainians right on site. 

Postgasse 8 — volunteers and humanitarian aid are always needed. 

If you work in the field of culture and arts and are willing to offer assistance to Ukrainian refugees who worked in related fields, you can fill out a form here at the website artisthelp-ukraine.at. You can also offer help with accommodation. 

In addition to the form, you can send a letter with an offer of help to the following addresses: 

Help students

The Austrian Student Association of the University of Klagenfurt supports students and universities that have been affected by the war. It provides: 

  • help in finding accommodation for those who come to Austria to study earlier than planned; 
  • financial aid;
  • legal advice; 
  • assistance in coordinating fundraising.

To become a volunteer and help students, you can write to this email: [email protected].

Provide accommodation 

If you are a hotel owner and you want to offer your rooms to Ukrainian refugees, you can write here.

Facebook groups where you can offer accommodation 

In addition to the above options, you can write to the Austrian National Coordination Centre, or send a letter to [email protected] indicating that you have a place for refugees. When hosting those who have fled Ukraine, you can always request information from the Austrian authorities about the registration process for Ukrainians in Austria.

Bring humanitarian aid

Volunteer centres have enough clothes and many ask not to bring them. Meanwhile, medicines are always in demand. You can find a list of required medicines here. It’s regularly updated. 

Canned foods, disposable dishes, hygiene products, adult and child diapers, sleeping bags, flashlights, blankets and pillows are still in demand. Army items such as helmets, binoculars, knee pads, radios, and power banks are needed as well.

Addresses where you can bring humanitarian aid: 


Rechbauerstrasse 63–65. 

Support Ukrainian media

Journalists in Ukraine are now working in extreme conditions. They also need help and support. GoFundMe has organized a fundraiser to support independent media. You can donate directly to the independent news organization Kyiv Independent.

Other useful links

Here you can purchase a special kit for refugees, which you can bring to any volunteer centre.

BabyChat_HELPS is a Whatsapp group where you can share information on how to help people affected by the war. You can learn more about local charity initiatives and services available to Ukrainian refugees in the group. 

https://t.me/nasha_vienna is a telegram channel for Ukrainians in Vienna in which, among other things, you can offer your help. 

instagram.com/kaiser_lera is a Russian-speaking volunteer in Vienna, who you can join and find out how and where you can help with volunteering in the city. 

https://t.me/volonter_wien — helping volunteer centres 

Volkhilfe is a charitable organization with many years of experience in Austria. The website allows you to transfer money that will go to buy emergency «kits» containing food, blankets, hygiene products, as well as to provide shelters for refugees. If you would like to join the organization as a volunteer, you can write to this email address [email protected] or call +43 676 83 402 220 

Voices of Children is a Ukrainian organization that supports children affected by the war, particularly, by providing psychological help.

The charity Caritas distributes food and fuel, and a donation of 25 euro covers emergency aid.

SOS Kinderdorf has been working in the region for more than 20 years, providing support to children. Now the organization is actively looking for interpreters/translators who can help with the paperwork. If you speak Ukrainian or Russian, you can email [email protected] or contact the volunteer coordinator in your Austrian city; the contact information is available here

Médecins Sans Frontières has an Austrian branch to which you can donate to support their efforts in Ukraine.

Train of Hope is an organization that supports refugees in Austria and collects donations. On their Facebook page, they ask for donations for the accommodation of refugees, which is provided at cost price by a Viennese hotel.

St. Barbara’s Church is a Ukrainian church in the centre of Vienna; its volunteers collect humanitarian aid for Ukrainians, including medicines and food.

Help learn German. On the website, you can register at one of the 10 district centres and help those arriving from Ukraine learn German for free. 


Polish Cultural Association of Salzburg coordinates donations to be sent to the Austrian-Polish border. It regularly publishes updated information on its social media platforms.

Flüchtlinge — Willkommen in Salzburg shares news on how you can help the city host Ukrainian refugees.


The Ukrainischer Kulturverein in Graz (Ukrainian Cultural Association) organized an anti-war demonstration in the city and is collecting donations for humanitarian aid.

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